About Us

Company History …
                                    In 2004 the company was established under the supervision of Mr. Satish Malhotra. The core focus of the company was to give the best quality products in medical supports at affordable prices. Initially the company was involved in trading of medical supports with in Delhi NCR which grew bigger and spread to North India in short period.
                                    Year 2006 was the year of new handshakes when we joined hands with “I-Ming” one of the best companies in medical supports. With its wide range and best in class quality products we now have the largest range in imported medical supports in India.
                                    In 2009 “Kodea” Digital Blood Pressure Monitor’s were introduced. Owing to its advanced technology and precise deployment of resources the accuracy level of the product retain world class stature.
                                    Latest in 2011 we brought “Neat-Feat” to Indian customers. Neat-Feat is another globally placed company which offers a great range of very high quality foot care products.

Vision …
                                    Medical sector is still an underserved sector in India, with increasing population and so little to offer the Indian consumers/patients. As the population is increasing everyday so are the health problems. There are certain situations where we cannot do anything but where health is concerned we can atleast offer something which can avoid the health problems or serves as a precaution.

Mission …
                                    Our mission is to increase our presence in India as well as worldwide and become a reliable business entity. Since our beginning we had a mindset to provide best quality medical supports to Indian customers at affordable prices. Our target is to keep on improving the utility medical supports range and get it available to the customers within their proximities
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