Ladies 3/4 length Active Fit

Ladies 3/4 length Active Fit


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Neat Feat Ladies Active Fit 3/4 Length Orthotics are uniquely designed to help conserve your foot structure, reduce heel shock while walking or running. They cradle your heel and arch areas naturally and securely to protect against metatarsal bruising and relieve your foot and lower back pain. These orthotics are a completely integrated foot health aid for your arch and heel.


They are made from a specially molded, semi-flexible Nyloflex™ shell that cradles your heel and arch areas naturally and securely, The longitudinal arch support system gives added protection to reduce strain on your arches. The integrated heel cup construction better catches the shock forces created with each step you take and redistributes them evenly to reduce trauma to your foot. The attractive fabric top cover adds richness and fashion making these orthotics suitable for all styles of casual and dress shoes and any occasion.

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