Resistance Band PEACH (EXTRA LIGHT)  - Sanctband

Resistance Band PEACH (EXTRA LIGHT) - Sanctband

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Sanctband specializes in producing high quality resistive exercise bands and tubing for resistance training and rehabilitation products in physiotherapy/rehabilitation, fitness and strength training. Sanctband is powder free and reduced protein exercise band addresses the dissatisfaction for the messiness of the conventional powdery bands.

Sanctband is the latest generation hi-technology exercise band designed to address concerns of skin irritation and discomfort caused by powder and protein in natural latex. Sanctband has developed a very Low Powder and Reduced Protein exercise band. They singled out and significantly reduced the protein that causes allergic reactions without taking out the properties of latex which make it superior to non-latex bands. Thus, minimizing discomfort during handling and minimizing the possibility of allergic reactions. Sanctband Resistive Exercise Band is an effective exercise product in physiotherapy rehabilitative and strength training. Professional Physiotherapists are adopting Sanctband in their rehabilitation program for the patients in North America, EU and Asia Pacific

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